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Retirement Plans for Business

Whether you already have a 401k, Profit Sharing or other Plan in place or are looking to start one, it's crucial that your plan and all its components are working well together to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.  If your plan isn't working optimally, and you have concerns,Let us Help!  

We hear complaints from Plan Sponsors that they rarely if ever see their plan Advisors.  If this is what you are dealing with, there is a much better way!  Please schedule a video call or in person meeting to learn more. 

Benefits to Our Plan Sponsors & Their Employees

When Employers establish, maintain and contribute funds toward Employee Retirement Plans, employee commitment to their job can be enhanced.  Employees are seeking financial independence for their families, and the employer becomes an ally in that pursuit. 

Employer Tax Savings

Employee Dedication

Compensation Options

Retirement Plans for Business Enhance the Success of Your Company

Retirement Plans for Business Enhance the Success of Your Company

If you're a Business Owner looking to enhance the success of your company and earn the respect of both Customers and Employees, Employee Compensation is a crucial factor to consider. And when it comes to Employee Compensation, Retirement Savings Plans for Business offer a lower cost way than payroll to consider when trying to create an environment of commitment, contribution, trust and employee buy-in.

It's important to assess whether your current plan design and level of service is top notch.   Are your employees receiving value? (High Quality  financial education, tools and support they need to make informed decisions?) Are they having regular interactions with Advisors to the plan? Do your employees have access to Fiduciary Financial Advice if they want it?   If not, it may be time to consider fresh options.

Take Three Steps to Success:

1. Comprehensive Review

We perform a comprehensive review of the current plan and Plan Sponsor concerns, goals/needs. As we identify gaps we can implement the best solutions to fill them.

2. Delivery of Services

We'll establish an on-going schedule for regular delivery of services to the Sponsor/Committee and Employee Educational and Supportive Services.

3. Ongoing Adjustments

In bi-yearly planning/review sessions with Plan Sponsors, we assess Plan Design, conduct Investment Reviews/Analysis, and make necessary adjustments. 

Yearly Services for Employee Wellness, Education and Advisory Services

 Delivery of Services 

  • Employee one on one visits = 2X per year, i.e., spring-fall, or summer Winter. (Pre-scheduled)
  • Employee General Education Sessions - Delivered in Group Meetings or Video Sessions
  • Fiduciary Advice - for employees, available as needed for an additional cost, which can be employee paid, or cost-shared by employer.
  • Financial Advice- by subscription on our Elements Platform, Financial Planning service with - Quarterly Financial Reporting. 

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